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In a dictionary, "home" is generally defined as the place where you live, as part of a household or family. In the last few years, I've been so fortunate to become friends with several military mamas, all from different parts of the world and the nation, and their versions of home are all different. I actually live vicariously through some of their travel stories, because let's face it -- I don't get out much.

A little bit about me, for those of you that are just getting to know me or just started following: I was born in Seattle, right smack dab in the middle of the city. For 21 years, home was West Seattle and the UW Campus. I never pictured much different for my future until I met Josh. Josh Tinsley from Steilacoom, WA. Where in the heck was Steilacoom anyway? I had never heard of it. It was PAST Tacoma? This city girl obviously needed to get out more. Well fast forward -- the first time Josh drove me into town, it was a snowy night, and I immediately fell in love with the sweet little town of Steilacoom. The town that has one stop light. I could spend hours on everything I adore, but we'll get to that eventually. But since that night (well I guess technically since I snagged keys for my first townhouse in town), Steilacoom has been home.

Where is home for you, and why?

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