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2020 - A little psycho, a little cute.

Happy New Year to you and your families!

2020 left us in awe: In awe of all things we thought would never happen, in awe of the swift and heavy changes, and in awe of sheer human resilience. But truthfully, it was psycho. "Unprecedented" is a word I've heard a hundred dozen times, and one I'm not sure I really want to hear again. Unless of course, we're discussing my real estate dreams. Be careful what you wish for, Melanie!

Below are some of my favorite memories from 2020 - a year that leaves me thankful for the extra time with my sweet family & animals, and a year that left me realizing how much I took for granted when it came to something as simple as hugs.

But all in all - we managed. We more than managed, we conquered. And my wish for you, my friends, is that we can still enter 2021 with goals, hopes, and dreams. (And for coffee shops to be open so we can ponder these goals, hopes, and dreams with friends while sipping on a hot chai tea latte.)

Looking forward to the 2021 hugs, CHEERS!

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