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  • Looking to buy a home in Steilacoom, WA or our surrounding area? Choosing your real estate professional is the most important decision you will make when buying property.

  • Be a smart consumer. Understand your finances and connect with a lender to shop for a home loan that's right for you.

  • Get pre-approved. This takes very little time and lets you know the price range that fits your lifestyle.

  • Know what you want. Ask yourself what you're looking for in a home, before you shop. Think about size, commute time and necessary repairs.

  • Keep your debt load to a minimum. Don't make major purchases or incur any additional debt until after your purchase.

  • Be prepared to view new properties quickly.  Sometimes homes sell quickly, so be ready to make fast decisions. Be accessible to change the terms.  

  • Have instant access to your agent. Instant communication can mean the difference in purchasing the property of your choice.


  • Submit a strong competitive offer.

  • Include a substantial earnest money deposit. Sometimes offers are accepted based on the amount of the deposit.

  • Try to minimize the number of contingencies. Fewer contingencies mean a stronger offer.

  • Hire an inspector. A professional building inspector or appraiser will make sure the house of your choice is in satisfactory condition.

  • Check zoning regulations and covenants. Good residential neighborhoods will be zoned to keep out commercial and industrial users. Read any restrictive covenants and make sure they fit your lifestyle.

  • Request an updated property survey.  Be sure it clearly marks boundaries. Check for problems.

  • Make sure you know what stays or goes.

  • Get agreements in writing. Make certain verbal agreements are written into the final contract to avoid any stressful and expensive issues later.

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